Traditionally, a knitted garment consists of separate parts—the front and back body panels and the sleeves—which are sewn together afterward. In  sharp contrast, SHIMA SEIKI’s revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear is produced in one entire piece, three-dimensionally, directly on the knitting machine.

Consequently it requires no expensive, time consuming post-production labor.

The “ideal knitwear,” WHOLEGARMENT® products raise the essential attributes of knitwear—softness, lightness and resilience—to an entirely new level of  sophistication.


Wholegarment® Seamless Digital Print Dress

Item No:  Y2627W009

M/C: MACH2®X173  18L   & SIP®-160F2

One-piece rayon dress with digital printing of gradation effect with floral pattern.

Wholegarment® Seamless One Piece Dress

Item No:  Y2624W009

M/C: MACH2®X173 15L

Sleeveless one piece dress with draped effect made by flechage knitting method and strap passes through the center.


Techniques: Flechage Knitting


3D Cape

Item No:  Z2426S009

M/C: SES®183SW 08

Three-layered collar by flechage knitting method without seam.


Techniques: Flechage Knitting

WHOLEGARMENT® Multi-Way Pullover


Item No: Y2658W009 M/C: MACH2®X173 15L

A multi-wearable boat-neck pullover with layers of stripe pattern at front panel applied with different stitches and structures.


Techniques: Stripes by using links/move/cable Knitting


Tuck Volume Pants


Item No: Z2423S009 M/C: MACH2®S183 16

The WHOLEGARMENT® pants featuring a three-dimensional silhouette by

the pleat details. Tuck and flechage knitting are used.


Techniques: Flechage Knitting




Tubular Jacquard belt


Item No: W1973S00F M/C: FIRST®153 S18

Three-colored tubular Jacquard belt with Japanese fan motifs .

Wholegarment® Wrap Skirt

Item No: Y2630W009

M/C: MACH2®X173 15L & SIP®160F2

Semi-circle skirt flapping with two transparent side panels.

Traditional Japanese digital pattern printed by SIP®160F2.



Item No: Z2428S009

M/C: SES®183SW 08

Two-way shawl with cuffs. A smoothing line effect created by stretching straps at the center back. Techniques: Stripes on body by Flechage Knitting


Wholegarment® Seamlessss One-Piece (Inner)

Item No: Y2633W009

M/C: MACH2®X173 15L

Sleeveless boat neck one-piece dress by using transparent yarn, princess cut marks at both front and back by using back stitch.


Wholegarment® Jacquard Seamless Leggings

Item No: Y2644W009

M/C: MACH2®X153 18L

Woven-like structure in Japanese patchwork form done by 2-colour single jersey jacquard.


3d Jacket

Item No: I1225S009

M/C: SIG®122SV 07

Sleeveless 3D silhouette jacket knitted in horizontal direction. Concavo-convex structure done by flechage technique.


Techniques: Horizontal/ Flechage Knitting


Intarsia Vest

Item No: I1235S009

M/C: MACH2®SIG123SV 14

The intarsia pattern is inspired by Japanese Kimono knot. Links and mesh structure are used.


Techniques: Graphic cutline, links/move/cable Knitting Floral pattern - move/cable Knitting



Wrapp ing Dress

Item No: Z2438S009 M/C: MACH2®S183 14

Crane pattern with traditional Japanese wrap dress style by inlay knitting method.


Techniques: Inlay Knitting


WHOLEGARMENT® Metallic Wristband

Item No: M0837W00F M/C: SWG®041N 10

Silver metallic bracelets with three-dimensional feature byflechage technique.


Techniques: Flechage Knitting