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News & Events - Knitwear Symphony 2014

One of the biggest event during the Hong Kong Fashion Week, the knitwear fashion show "Knitwear Symphony 2014" was successfully staged on 15 January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is the 6th year organized by the Knitwear Innovation and Design Society (KIDS), and Shima Seiki (Hong Kong) Ltd continuously given full support to this show since 2009. As one of the sponsors, we showcased a new collection. The application of seam-free technique creates a sophisticated look and ideal 3D shaping allows the silhouette perfectly match with the design concept.

Ms. Chan Hau Kei, Kay Chan who representing our company displayed the new collection with the theme “TRAD TWEED TWIST”.  It was inspired by the classic textile tweed pattern. Transforming the classic English, Scottish countryside to a contemporary fashion favorite by using an innovative knitting method.  The tweed pattern is combined with a seamless knitting technique and the new ‘X-stitch’ method created exclusively by Shima’s WHOLEGARMENT® 4-needle bed technology. 

3D shape seamless pants knitted with elastic waistband and front pocket without any linking process which minimizes the material wastage and enables a faster production time.
The collection includes a lot outer items such as a double layer coat, cardigan with pockets and shawl collar jacket which are knitted at once on the machine.  No seam can be found between both panels of the double layer coat.  Cardigan plackets in the collection are now using a new cut-out method by WHOLEGARMENT®. It enhances the production efficiency and achieves better hand feel quality.  Different kinds of knitting methods create different shapes of pockets which further utilizes the WHOLEGARMENT® technology to the seam-free integral garment. 

All this new advance programming completely realizes the concept of seamless 3D knitting and inlay technology.  These advances provide a unique opportunity for new applications not traditionally associated with knitted textiles or the apparel industry to emerge.  We have a mixture of weaving patterns and inlay technology which have come together to facilitate a new approach for 3D knitting design.



Photo Provide by: KIDS