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News & Events - Knitwear Symphony 2013

One of the biggest event during the Hong Kong Fashion Week, the knitwear fashion show "Knitwear Symphony 2013" was successfully staged on 16 January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is the 5th year organized by the Knitwear Innovation and Design Society (KIDS), and Shima Seiki (Hong Kong) Ltd continuously given full support to this show since 2009. As one of the sponsors, we showcased a new WHOLEGARMENT® collection. The application of seam-free technique creates a sophisticated look and ideal 3D shaping allows the silhouette perfectly match with the design concept.

Ms. Chan Hau Kei, Kay Chan who representing our company displayed the new collection with the theme “Night Beam”.  It was inspired by a narrow projection of light beam energy radiation in the dark.  The collection use lots of stripe pattern by made use of black velvet yarn combines with navy coloured lurex blended cotton, transparent rayon and metallic yarn, artificially create 3D illusion visual effect.   

With the application of  WHOLEGARMENT® technology on each piece, an innovation of knitted structure, seamless asymmetric hem, metallic fringe with numerous see through colour blocks, crafty allows the patterns continuously goes from front to the back panel without joints. The designer hopes this innovation breakthrough on pattern making could inspired a new concept to the industry.


Photo Provide by: Getty Images