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News & Events - Knitwear Symphony 2012

One of the biggest event during the Hong Kong Fashion Week, the knitwear fashion show "Knitwear Symphony 2012" was successfully staged on 18 January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is the 4th year organized by the Knitwear Innovation and Design Society (KIDS), and Shima Seiki (Hong Kong) Ltd continuously given full support to this show since 2009. As one of the sponsors, we showcased a new collection. The application of seam-free WHOLEGARMENT® technique and SIP® Inkjet Printing creates unique kids wear with fascinating shapes and dazzling printing.

Ms. Chan Hau Kei, Kay Chan & Ms. Ma Sze Hang, Charlotte Ma  who representing our company displayed the new collection with the theme “Double BornTM ”. It was inspired by the joyful of new born babies, just like high energy bond forming in Chemistry, shows energetic, changeable and friendly spirit. The collection is made by Shima Seiki’s WHOLEGARMENT® to create seamless 3D asymmetric silhouette. Combining with the SIP®-160 F2 digital printing technology colorful prints; entire series shows a sense of playful and spontaneous of vivid energy.

It featured the latest knitwear collections of Dr Judyanna Ng--  the Senior Lecturer of ITC of PolyU. Her collection are made by SHIMA SEIKI’s innovative SIP® Inkjet Printing Machine, WHOLEGARMENT® Machine & Compact WHOLEGARMENT® Machine. Dr Ng’s new knitwear collection is a good blend of Orientalism and advanced technology. Inspired by the Japanese art of flower arrangement ‘Ikebana’. Inspirations from conventional kimono (traditional Japanese clothing) are reconstructed to form a 3-D knitted garment with the application of revolutionary WHOLEGARMENT®technology.

Double BornTM Photo


Dr Judyanna Ng's Collection

Photo Provided by: KIDS (毛織創新及設計協會)